XCMG 27 products get new high technology certificated from Jiangsu Province

Views: 7     Author: Peter     Publish Time: 2017-06-30      Origin: XCMG

Recently, from the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department came the news, XCMG declared 27 products won the title of high-tech products, highlighting the XCMG Group as a high-tech enterprises in the R & D and technological achievements into the solid strength.


Among them, XCMG XZJ5317JQJD4 bridge detection car and other 5 products, the United States Chi C226FMZA / C226FM car crane through the drive axle and other 5 products, XCMG digging machine XE305D hydraulic excavator and other 4 products, XCMG special machine XC870HK excavator, etc. 4 Products, XCMG based XZ2860 horizontal directional drilling machine and other three products, the Rothe Erde VLBI radio telescope with the method and pitching slewing support and other 2 products, XCMG shovel LW600FV tire loader 1 products, XCMG heavy XCT35 truck crane 1 Products, XCMG hydraulic parts 20-50 tons of truck crane with the flow sharing multi-way valve 1 products, XCMG drive DA4120 dry drive axle 1 products on the honor list.

The 27 products with its high technical content, good economic efficiency and broad market prospects, showing XCMG Group, a strong independent innovation level, only a comprehensive firm floor "technology leadership, with no destruction" action gold standard, Can lead the industry.


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