XCMG 400ton crawler crane and Shield machine

Views: 4     Author: Kate     Publish Time: 2016-10-13      Origin: XCMG

With the acceleration of urban rail transit construction projects, there are more models, more tonnage shield machine on the market. In order to meet market demand, the 400-ton crawler crane XCMG Shield condition emerged.

XCMG 400 ton crawler crane

Fuzhou Metro Line 2 project site, a big Mac machine is busy with work and orderly manner. The lifting of the slurry shield machine (refer to the sealing surface of the shield excavation mud injected compartment within the warehouse, through mud pressure and external pressure balance, in order to ensure the stability of the excavation face soil) maximum weight of front shield member 160t, according to lifting program load rate of less than 80% of the requirements of the market existing products cannot meet the 300-ton lifting requirements, and XCMG 400-ton crawler crane using four-wheel drive, the entire primary and secondary boom integrated transport system, working time control shield condition within 4 hours, transitions convenient, low operating cost, is the choice for lifting the shield

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