XCMG 55 ton crawler telescopic crane working in Bangkok

Views: 8     Author: Linda     Publish Time: 2017-07-22      Origin: XCMG

Bangkok - the bustling international metropolis, the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, all-encompassing "city of angels". Climate, hot and humid annual average temperature of 27.5 ℃, with "scorching sun like fire" when the red when empty.


When the rainy season arrived, almost every day a rain, making the site road becomes muddy. Natural special environment, making the ordinary wheeled crane difficult admission, crawler cranes and transition difficulties, disassemble and other long time and other shortcomings. At this point, exports to Bangkok, three "green wizard" - XCMG XGC55 crawler telescopic crane successfully solved the problem.


"XCMG, very good!" XCMG XGC55 crawler telescopic crane crane its strong walking ability and excellent reliable lifting capacity, so that Thai customers never hesitate to praise it, XCMG's three brothers became the site of the city of Bangkok The star.

Because in high temperature and high humidity environment, the beginning, the customer also worried that XCMG will be "too much", the failure rate increased, affecting the progress of the project. However, the multi-day continuous high-intensity operations, equipment zero failure rate, completely dispel customer concerns. Its high-end pilot control technology, so that the operation becomes simple and convenient, allowing operators to quickly get started; coupled with the weight from the disassemble design, limiter safety restrictions, track from the expansion and other technical design, Made the team want customers to think, anxious market urgency.

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