XCMG 6 ton wheel loader is far ahead in high level

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2017 spring, China's construction machinery industry a comprehensive recovery. Thanks to the good expectations of market recovery, XCMG in the Chinese loader industry, especially the 6-ton product market advantage, to further expand.

In recent years, although the Chinese loader industry has been in the doldrums, but XCMG loader market share has continued to improve, especially on behalf of high-tech, high value-added large tonnage products, market share has been the industry leader for many years.

6 ton wheel loader-

XCMG new V series products, in the mine, port, coal logistics, rail loading and unloading and other heavy, harsh conditions, a series of major breakthroughs, the "imported brand" products step by step to the corner, "was once dominated The status of the US Department of Japanese products, market share has shrunk dramatically. XCMG 6-ton loaders and other large tonnage products have become the system users, large users focus on bulk purchase of the first choice. "From a large mine users so evaluation The

Data show that in 2016 the Chinese market loader sales of nearly 70,000 units, compared with the peak period fell more than 6 percent. 2016 January-December, China's loader market, XCMG and other brands in the monthly sales on the first row of the first row. From the annual market share and large tonnage of the product coverage, word of mouth, XCMG loader performance are "extremely dazzling." Especially in the equipment, services, and so has a very strict requirements of large users, users of the system, XCMG in recent years, the market quickly enhance the impact of large orders continuously. And it is in the product, technology, market and end-user docking on the continuous deep, XCMG gradually occupy the Chinese loader industry starting position.

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Really 6 tons, good product

China's loader industry, the enterprises in the large tonnage of product research and development has a long history, but the real breakthrough is very few people.

Despite the recent time, a number of brands to seize the public opinion, the market, the high ground of innovation, have launched 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons or even larger products, but some products, really "reputation is difficult."

From the configuration point of view, the Chinese loader market, before the mainstream 5 tons of high with the product - the most often supporting the electronic control gearbox, no doubt has a good and stable performance; but this "traditional main gearbox" "The capacity to have reached the limit;" really able to reach the load of 6 tons or even higher loader, you must switch gearbox. "A person in the port area, the use of decades of large tonnage products such users Say. "But in fact, many brands currently known as the 6-ton products, still using the 5-ton machine gearbox, this '6 tons loader', simply can not reach 6 tons of product load requirements, if the user really Bought the product, equivalent to 6 tons of money to buy 5 tons of equipment. "In this regard, he added.

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Compared to this "hanging sheep head" of the 5 tons machine, XCMG 6 tons of loading machine genuine.

XCMG V Series 6 tons loader in the gearbox, using the industry's only really suitable for 6-ton loader heavy-duty gearbox. At the same time, due to the introduction of power automatic distribution (APD) technology - that is, according to different working conditions to provide different pressures and flow, XCMG 6 tons of product use economy and the ability to show significant advantages.

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