XCMG 8 ton truck crane XCT8L4

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As G generation smallest member of the family, the first time I saw XCT8 truck crane is in G generation customer experience Association April 18 even hanging three air shows. At first sight, tens of meters in altitude, quietly suspended in XCA550 and XCT55 arms, as if the family is "the most favored child." However, when the second time to see it, there is no early impression of "fragile." The G generation exploring trip, we saw the first national XCT8L4 truck crane at a construction site in Taizhou. Well look at the past, the construction XCT8L4 extraordinarily lean.

XCMG 8 ton truck crane XCT8L4

The XCT8L4 Chengjian Tai Hing is a bridge foundations at the construction site, we saw the person in charge of the project, he said: "By pre-construction estimates, need reinforcement grid weight lifting about 1 ton, eight-ton crane fully meet construction conditions, but really to the site, but found not so easy. Since the depth of foundation up to 3 meters high accumulation of earth excavated, the crane cannot be anywhere near the foundation, just enough arm length and span condition to complete lifting tasks Since the prior forecast incomplete, several sets of eight tons crane cannot meet the conditions required, but also wasted a lot of time limit, but very fortunate that we can contact to XCMG new 8 t crane, to solve our urgent needs. it is worth mentioning is that this really is the best I've seen the crane with the tonnage of products, "project leader while happy to us, while pointing under construction crane, said:." now the condition is probably hoisting boom over 20 meters span there are about 17-18 meters, you see, the more tons of steel, easy on the up. "


G XCMG cranes from generation high-profile listed at the beginning of each ton of product reflects the "ultimate" design philosophy. XCT8L4 long arm reaches 25.5 meters, covering the overall performance with industry rivals ton, the average over 20% more than the opponent, the absolute leader with tons of products in the industry. Of more concern is the universal application of technology to optimize chassis dynamics, equipped with four-cylinder engine, a single reduction rear axle and bearing large torque six-speed gearbox, allowing more powerful, off-road ability. At the same time, fuel efficiency is also more evident. When it comes to new product XCT8 old compared with the conventional products, the most impressive place which when operated machine hand Mike excited jumped from the operating room, and we could go on: "Before this, I It has been operating with an older 8-ton crane, probably more than three years, and for the first time with this car, the first feeling is comfortable, simply raise several grades! This flat head cab does not only open up a nice view, and very comfortable seats. in addition, the rear seats sleeper is really too much to force, nothing can lie down and rest. "Li conceal his excitement, he also talked about the most interesting It is intelligent operation. 5-inch color screen makes information-rich machine interface, human-computer dialogue very convenient. Just watching the screen, all movement, gestures can easily control.

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