XCMG 8 units truck cranes help to build Sichuan province high way

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Recently, the Chengdu Economic Zone, Pujiang River to the Dujiangjiang River section of nine projects, a total investment of 130 billion yuan of the province's highway construction mobilization meeting in Chengdu and other five held at the same time. XCMG lifting machinery as the only partner of the project invited to participate. Dujiangyan Bridge site owners, XCMG 8 crane neatly lined up, waiting for the construction of the highway in Sichuan Province.


Vice Governor of Sichuan Province Yang Hongbo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Railway Corporation, Li Changjin, Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Group of the Transportation Department and Director Wang Yang attended the meeting.

Mobilization activities, the transportation department party secretary, director Wang Yang, project investor China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. President Zhuang Shangbiao, vice mayor of Chengdu Liu Shoucheng, respectively, to introduce the focus on the start of the project and the situation will be Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, strengthen service supervision, scientific organization and management, high standards, high level, high quality to complete the project.


The venue, the construction of the person in charge of Mr. Jiang told the interview: the start of all the lifting equipment are XCMG products, and XCMG deal for many years, I understand XCMG enterprises, to understand XCMG. XCMG diligent, pragmatic, dedicated, XCMG product quality is reliable, stable and durable, I and XCMG has maintained a good relationship of cooperation.

Jiang also talked about the development process of their own lifting company: from the first ten years ago, the first 16-ton crane began to start, the company size and strength gradually grow every year to update the equipment, if it has been insisting on cooperation with XCMG reasons, from I have two points in my perspective. The first is the quality and reliable, over the years, XCMG equipment to provide me with sufficient momentum of development, product quality impeccable; followed by XCMG product retention rate is high, updated old equipment is still hot every year. This is only the XCMG brand can do.

According to reports, the highway started in Chengdu Economic Zone Pujiang to Dujiangyan section of the use of all the XCMG crane construction.

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