XCMG Articulated Dump Truck pass technical acceptance

Views: 65     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2016-12-08      Origin: XCMG

Recently, China Agenda 21 Management Center in Beijing held a "smart underground mine car" will issue technical acceptance, XCMG Institute DAE35U articulated dump truck passed the technical acceptance issues, has realized the prototype sales, sales of nearly 400 million.

XCMG dump truck

In August 2013, as the subject of XCMG Institute participants join 863 project - "Smart underground mine car" project, is responsible for the prototype design and manufacturing work. Prototype DAE35U articulated dump truck is China's first use of hybrid technology wired articulated dump trucks, the power source can switch between the engine and the external wiring, breaking the three-phase AC overhead wire connection technology, hybrid integrated drive a plurality of technical problems and technology, successfully completed the design and manufacturing work, the successful implementation of the prototype sales.
Subject experts acceptance group listened to the report, reviewed the acceptance of submissions, combined with on-site inspection, the subject of the successful completion of technical acceptance. Fully proved XCMG Group R & D and manufacturing capabilities, as the subject of participants, not only enrich the experience of participation in the national key program topics and more to achieve the accumulation of technology hybrid drive technology and unmanned vehicle technology. Trackless mining technology will be the development trend of the mining industry, the successful acceptance of the project XCMG into the underground trackless mining equipment markets laid the foundation.

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