XCMG Big Excavator XE470U export to North America

Views: 155     Author: Jack     Publish Time: 2016-02-08      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

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Recently, XCMG big excavator model XE470U have arrived North America. There it will compete with other big models excavators from world famous manufacturers. Before the customer have order 36 ton XCMG excavator and after he test and use it, he makes new order of XCMG bigger excavator.
XE470U is strictly designed and produced according to the Ergonomic approach, and obey the operation habit of local market, it equipped with operation mode switching valve with TPEM sign. It also has explosion-proof valve device, the whole car safety barriers and HD rear camera. To adopt more work conditions, it has break hammer and quick change hydraulic system. Hope the market will like this new big excavator model from XCMG.

XCMG Big Excavator XE470U export to North America


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