XCMG CES Rotary buffer valve trial production success

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Recently, XCMG CES product research and development project made a major breakthrough, as the focus of research and development of electronic control rotary buffer valve prototype pieces of successful trial. The product is composed of XCMG hydraulic parts company, XCMG European Research Center, XCMG Research Institute and XCMG heavy composition of the four joint CES project team, with hydraulic parts company in the design, technology, manufacturing and other aspects of close cooperation, Technical support and XCMG Institute of test verification, only in just 8 days to successfully complete the five valve body processing, 2 sets of assembly assembly and a test assembly, and achieved fruitful results.


Slewing buffer valve as a crane on the car turntable in the key institutions of hydraulic control components, the host of the actual operation of the process of swing buffer plays a vital role. It is understood that in the product development process, the European research center of the German colleagues not only through the PPT and other documents in the form of exchange of advanced processing technology and experience, but also for face milling cutter, end mills and other tools in-kind demonstration. After a week of intense debugging, Chinese and foreign colleagues successfully solved the trial production of machining tools, fixtures, testing, honing, assembling and testing, and succeeded in the trial production of electronic control rotary buffer valves. The successful prototype of the product, not only effectively boost the CES project series of products landing, also marks the XCMG multi-collaborative R & D model gradually mature stage.

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