XCMG Container Side Lifter Model MQH37A

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In each big seaport of this world, to lift and transport containers is one of the biggest problems. Before, We may need a crane to lift the container on a truck, and transport it by the truck, but now, XCMG design and produce a new container side lifter with truck chassis. It’s model is MQH37A.

XCMG container side lifter
As a container lifter machine, it has the max. lifting capacity of 37ton, it is enough to lift full load 40ft or 20ft containers. The crane power is from PTO or Diesel APU. The crane is installed at two end of the truck chassis and it is wireless remote control, it is easy to operated and safe. The crane in front and at rear can work together and separate, it’s convenient to adjust the container’s position during lifting work. Also there a stop button to make the operation safe. Compared with other way of lift and transport containers, it will be more reliable, convenient and easy maintenance. 

XCMG container side lifter specifications
Now it’s already on sale, if you have interests of this container side lifter MQH370A of XCMG, please contact us for more details.

container side lifter Dimensions

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