XCMG D Generation Excavator is on sale

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Since year 2016, “Euro 3” becomes a popular topic in Chinese construction machinery industry. From April 1, the third phase of the national non-road mobile machinery diesel engine exhaust emissions standard (referred to as the China III emission standards) in the whole country, the construction machinery industry "country, three" emissions standard products completely replace the "second year" Product . With the "create the future with you D" customer experience will continue to be staged in the country, XCMG D series excavator fast into the market, just two months has achieved good performance, market share among the best in multiple regions.
Focus premium demand ingenuity to create a new generation of quality upgrade
Accordance with the "standardization, serialization, modular, universal" design platform XCMG D Series excavator product to achieve the advantages that can be migrated to enhance family. The beginning of product design, research and development team construction conditions and customer demand for in-depth analyzed implant traditional strengths C series and be sublimated into the practical engineering applications. Is small in terms of digging, D series of products using a custom engine, low-speed torque, rational matching of the hydraulic system, low fuel consumption; advanced exhaust after treatment technology to effectively reduce NOX, CO, PM emissions, more environmentally friendly; customized load sensitive system to achieve load-independent flow distribution, reduce flow loss, more energy efficient; optimization of the hydraulic system of the main valve and piping system to further reduce the pressure loss, and more efficient. 4S automatic idling function, product performance optimization in terms of each of the adjustable "economic model" and "efficient" is selected to stop all construction make even more green economy.

XCMG D Generation Excavator
Benchmarking world-class implant "is more reliable, more intelligent, more efficient, more energy saving" product gene
In a well-known international mining company mining in Southeast Asia, XCMG 90 tons excavators average attendance up to 88% higher than compete against a well-known foreign brand goods with tonnage of 5 percentage points, XCMG 37 tons excavators are six more monthly average attendance of 92% of the outstanding achievements of the mining company broke attendance records for the past five years equipment. Since entering the market, XCMG large tonnage excavator was implanted in "high reliability" gene, the "more reliable, more intelligent, more efficient, more energy efficient," the advantage in the world market has made good feedback.
According to XCMG digging machine platform R & D, D series of large product will dig reliability on the first one. By optimizing cooling automatic temperature control system, multi-stage fuel filter system, heavy gray air filtration system, separate cooling system to protect the engine is always working in the best condition, and strengthen the chassis, the turntable to optimize the boom, arm, meet demand for products heavy working conditions. In order to allow customers to more easily manage the device, XCMG digging machine independently developed XEICS intelligent control system to achieve the ecological network manufacturers, distributors, users, users can PC and mobile phone end remote monitoring and remote diagnostics, real-time monitoring equipment operation status to achieve the homes of device management. Before each of the products listed, machine and key parts undergo a rigorous reliability testing to verify and ensure the stability of product performance. Whether it is to enhance the reliability or intelligent management, from economic construction to create assured construction projects has become a relentless pursuit XCMG digging machine.
After two months of market-proven, "more reliable, more intelligent, more efficient, more energy efficient," the gene products became the majority of customers consensus XCMG digging machine. From customer research to optimize and upgrade, from custom development to lean manufacturing, from product testing to XCMG construction experience ...... digging machine to the ultimate depth of ingenuity into products construction applications to enhance the quality of the whole value chain and Lean collaboration to meet customer demand for value, for customers to create new products and construction experience.

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