XCMG DG88 high fire fighting truck gets new order in domestic market

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Recently, from XCMG fire equipment company came the good news, XCMG DG88 Midden high platform fire truck with a high performance and leading-edge technology products, strong clearance, like the Chinese regions of a fire brigade fire-fighting equipment procurement projects to achieve the XCMG first time domestic marketing, once again witnessed the "Made in China" a few meters ultra fire technology leader charm, again breaking the foreign ultra-high climb a few meters of the truck market dominance.

XCMG fire fighting truck

DG88 is the second DG68, XCMG fire again launched a few meters of ultra-high hydraulic platform fire truck, he broke the Asian first high fire hydraulic platform several meters record. The car set altitude rescue, fire fighting, rescue functions, technical safety, good mobility, large safe operating range, a strong fire, obstacle rescue capabilities and integrated rescue capabilities, is large, urban high-level assurance people living life safety and reduce disaster losses of the necessary equipment.

XCMG DG88 fire fighting truck

In 2014, under Academician Lu Yongxiang and Wang Min, chairman of attention and loving care, led by the Ministry of Public Security Fire Department DG88 organization has carried out the first ultra-high number of meters worldwide held high fire engines arctic special test, heat and humidity test, and passed 3C certification, successful domestic market "access card", the same year, DG88 exported to Angola, the number of fire engines to achieve the domestic ultra-meter bulk exports of foreign markets, a new record, and was selected as "2014 China industry first (set) major technical equipment demonstration project ", once again demonstrates the strong XCMG fire equipment R & D and manufacturing capabilities and industry leading strength.
DG88 advent, further promote the development of ultra-high fire equipment industry, a few meters from the debut to the first export sales continue triggering widespread concern in society and the media industry, has been widely CCTV central, widely Xinhua Daily, the Oriental TV and other media report.

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