XCMG E-series rotary drilling rig finished updating

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Recently, XCMG’s new generation E-series rotary drilling rig is off the assembly line after update.
XR370E XCMG rotary drilling rig is a new generation of E series rotary drilling rig, innovative dual large parallelogram luffing boom structure, set the winch pressure, casing drivers, host power twist machine, and other functions into one long spiral , the whole parameters to achieve the most advanced level of similar foreign products.
E series rotary drilling rig at the D series rotary drilling rig on the basis of upgrading, with D series rotary drilling rig mature technology: the use of special H-type rotary drilling rig hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis, equipped with a large diameter slewing ring, with superior stability and ease of transport; XCMG proprietary single rope main winch structure, greatly extending the service life of wire rope; power head has a normal mode, into the rock mode and power saving mode, the user can select the appropriate according to different geological conditions model to improve construction efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Another distinctive feature of the E-Series rotary drilling rigs: optimal design double boom luffing structure, optimize the hinge point position, taking into account the stability of the construction site transfer and transportation convenience; new design, new cab, comfortable operating environment; third gear power optimization design, energy efficient.
Successful offline XCMG E series rotary drilling rig for large tonnage rotary drilling rig consolidate the industry leader, to develop the international market to provide a powerful weapon.
XCMG E-series rotary drilling rig finished updating

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