XCMG Electronically Controlled Transmission MYF200 off production line

Views: 44     Author: Bob     Publish Time: 2016-08-24      Origin: XCMG

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Recently, good news came from XCMG transmission, the MYF200 ( ) type electronically controlled gearbox official line, completed the classic gearbox MYF200 beyond the upgrade, leading the new trend of domestic power train platform.

Electronically Controlled Transmission

MYF200 ( ) type electronically controlled gearbox in terms of the design concept, design methods, application design tools are today's most advanced and achieve world-class level of overall performance. This is XCMG transmission in tough market conditions, to respond positively to the group "Three comprehensive" approach to business, the full implementation of a concrete manifestation of "lean, international, make up the short board, sustainable" business philosophy. The box in supporting the existing on the basis of the original drum brake upgrade to MYF200 ( ) type caliper disc brake, steering comfort has been improved, broadening the product spectrum and improve the fixed-shaft electronic control box competitive advantage in the market to meet the needs of users, in order to get rid of homogeneous competition loaders Adds strong power

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