XCMG European spirit LW180K (CE) first show in BAUMA

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LW180K XCMG is the latest generation of 1.8-ton loaders. Horsepower, torque reserve coefficient, meet the requirements of the construction process instantaneous overload, overloaded sufficiently to provide the required power, high load operation. Dedicated to accommodate large torque converter, ensure that the engine power is used efficiently. Her fixed-shaft transmission, reliable, efficient, and easy maintenance. Each site carries full, thick, monolithic Juan teeth, big modulus gear, has a good anti-overload, to meet a variety of high-strength, high-load operation needs. Bearing capacity, good stability, and fully meet the requirements of heavy-duty jobs. Hydraulic components used in all domestic famous brands. Harness quality imported materials, optimize the layout process, ensure that the circuit system is reliable. Α using hydraulic hose, heat, pressure, long life in Italy. Hydraulic pipeline adopts international standard DIN 24 ° cone plus two O-ring seal, seal better, effective solution to the leakage problem.

XCMG LW180K wheel loader

LW180K compact wheel loaders are equipped with quick-change XCMG special machinery, not only can configure quick bucket for loose material loading shovel, you can also configure quick replacement fork, the overall materials for stacking. You can also configure the whole clip pliers grass, tree branches on the loose straw for loading and unloading transport; configurable wrong frog mouth clamp, rapid transport timber; configurable Four bucket, the material for loading, clip, push, scrape job; configurable side bucket, especially for narrow job conditions. LW180K small device can also be configured sweepers, snow plows, clamp bucket, etc., so although it is a car, was able to meet a lot of different conditions, the owner of the work is a good helper.
The future of small loaders, will now meet the functional requirements to comfort, individual needs change, XCMG 180K Mini loaders, XCMG has demonstrated mini loaders are keeping up with the pace of the global trend, while also leading the Chinese small construction machine direction, relying on the family XCMG Group, the European spirit will shine worldwide.

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