XCMG Excavator XE210C shows in Bauma Munich

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Similarly to stage Euro crawler excavator, XE210C is based on pre-nearly a thousand US and European markets demand feedback information customized design, using high-pressure common rail fuel system, the engine, while the main pump and intelligent matching, improve fuel efficiency and operating efficiency; exhaust system redox and technologies such as exhaust gas recirculation, nitrogen oxide emissions reduced from 2.0g / kWh to 0.4g / kWh, a drop of 80%, effectively reducing pollutant emissions; further increase structural strength, moving arm root dovetail design, reduce stress concentration, the arm side plates thickened front end XCMG patented T-shaped enclosure, improve durability and safety.

XCMG excavator XE210C

XE210C can be widely used in earth work, water conservancy construction, municipal road construction, pipeline laying and other construction and production areas. Multifunction equipment through independent development of intelligent control system, increase aids optional mode, the solid can now broken, cut, clear, compacting, milling, pushing the pinch, crawling, scraping, osteoporosis, and other lifting kinds of jobs, a real machine can achieve efficient construction.
XE35U, XE210C XCMG excavators are digging machine for the European market launch for ingenuity, pay more attention to the green returns, enhance the value. In the R & D process, the depth of integration of engineering applications and user needs, to meet the global users seeking more reliable, more efficient, lower cost, more environmentally friendly and life cycle best return expectations and efforts to achieve product technology, reliability, comprehensive index efficiency, energy saving, life and so on to reach the world's leading level, so that customers have a comfortable and convenient, energy efficiency, new green construction experience.

XCMG XE210C excavator

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