XCMG G Generation all terrain crane XCA220

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Name: XCA220 All Terrain Crane
English name: XCA220All-TerrainCrane
Family: XCMG generation G
Color: gold engineering, science and technology blue, cool black, silver
Profile: Yen value and strength to play, naturally warm, dynamic, fashion, love the challenge!
I have strong bones, sporty streamlined body lines, the smallest has 280mm ground clearance, perfect through sex, "Little Cannon" take you to run wild!
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XCMG All Terrain Crane XCA220

XCA220-1 (7)
Simple but not simple cab interior 12.3-inch display, everything you want. XCA220 driving environment let you create vertical and enjoy gentle affection.

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Mysterious and full sense of the cab, ergonomic design the car class, 10.4 inch true color LCD screen, include the intelligent, interactive information technology, hoisting massive information storage, free inquiry. Security, lifting action, select the operating environment area using an integrated button panel, gently pressed, feedback sense, easy to control all the action.

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XCA220-1 (3)
Perfect truck head, 5 axles, highlighting young fashion style. Quite clever 15-meter-long body, it was only minimum turning radius of 9 meters. Run faster, nearly 500 hp Mercedes-Benz engine, the maximum speed raised to 84KM / h, multi-mode drive technology, and switch freely selected according to driving traffic and automatically optimizes the vehicle state, to achieve the perfect power output and optimum fuel efficiency programs combined. Four bridges drive to achieve up to 67% grade ability, simple handling feel comfortable, enjoy luxury cars, there are times face.

XCA220-1 (1)

XCA220-1 (6)
Seven-section 73m main boom plus jib arm length after approaching 110m, ask "Who else"! Combined with the industry's unique closed hydraulic system, lifting speed and a jog sexual performed flawlessly, and then hot weather is not impetuous, always keep the oil temperature below 80 . Toggle lever, millimeter rotary fretting resistance, the courage to challenge any installation of sophisticated equipment.

I experienced: repairer many years of experience, millions of users trust, quality and reliable! China has been delivered to the global manufacturing cranes. Compared to the proliferation of price war, I am more suited to the era of the pursuit of quality.

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