XCMG G generation XCT25L5 truck crane

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1. It is obvious style, full of personality, full of the elements, the appearance so far G generation, industry no one can match. Sleek body lines, very slender and elegant atmosphere, especially around the waist through the very nice, low-key elegance filling.

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2. The two large wide grille personalized fashion, very layered, XCMG identified by chrome trim package looks very delicate. "V" shaped front face, left and right balance, complement each other; headlamps use of "Eagle Eye" bionic design, full shape, bright trace of wisdom!

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3. Personalization "honeycomb" element, generous display of the noble spirit of G generation, hoardings hangar using polymer composite materials, lighter and higher quality, strength, sleek design and two-bedroom echoes; three-dimensional wind shield in full compliance with air theology.

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4. Strong performance impressed by people!
Five-section main boom fully extended to, like "winding crossbow, sword scabbard," "veneer arm head, compact boom tail" design, will become the industry's pursuit of the manufacturers standards. U-42 m main boom, 5.65m * 6.4m leg span, with tons of products so far no one can be the enemy. Magnification with 8 main hook, the main arm can be arbitrarily scalable, estimated by an effective leading performance of similar products by 20%.

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If there is catapult-like push back perhaps exaggerated, but the ultra-high-power engine, rapid response, throttle achieve 90KM / h maximum speed, it is already not difficult. Is the perfect "low speed high torque system," easily climb 45 percent of high slope, at the same time, fuel consumption control is also very good, to achieve a dynamic economy and excellent integration.

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Stable lifting people feel at ease.
In the current crane industry, who use "mm" to measure the stability of the crane hoisting, G generation to achieve this revolutionary breakthrough, the industry's first new energy-saving hydraulic system, making the minimum steady speed at the roll only 4 mm, the lowest stable rotational speed of 0.1 ° / s. Hydraulic motor with independent cooling technology, hydraulic system heat balance maintained below 80 , continuous operation at high temperatures sit back and relax.
7. A computer equipped with a computer controller device color screen, has been completely subvert the traditional rigid control room control system, really incredible. True color touch screen 7-inch foot, it is exactly as a large screen phone. I believe that when operating the machine in hand, holding the two handles, looking at the front of the big screen, it feels just as much as a spaceship.

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8. The left-hand column of the key distinction clear, orderly arrangement, a small total area into the 13 intelligence, information and interactive technology, vehicle safety, operation lifting, handling environmental control. Compared to traditional button waterproof better, more comprehensive information covering information for all inputs and outputs in the lifting process are introduced into the system.

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9. In addition to real-time display of the lifting information, the user can directly touch the screen, make the choice of operating conditions, the system automatically identify the main arm stretch in place, largely liberated labor operator.

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10. cab interior workmanship, buttons arranged patchwork

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11. The new fixtures hook after hook put away, can be directly locked by  Rotation lock pin.

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12, the overthrow of the traditional mechanical locking mode, sitting in the control room by pulling the handle to complete.

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13 new upgrade waterproof wiring harness to protect the electrical system running smooth.

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14 full-coverage aluminum walkway plate, work well, is enough material.

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15 handles, pedals, climbing ladders, details care, everything

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