XCMG G generation truck crane operation challenge

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Recently, after the rain Xuzhou sky like being cleaned windows clear carved. "G large coffee can, up to you to fight," XCMG crane hoisting specialist Division Annual Skills Challenge kicked off in the long-awaited. Two cranes XCT25L5 venue early on projecting Jubi welcome customers and hand-operated machines from around the country. First match day, you big coffee on a posture, to come up with their own housekeeping skills, game recording has been renewed, the site continues to explosion point.


XCMG G generation truck crane

Lifting the current annual Skills Challenge experts frequently highlights. XCMG crane division summing up past experience and lifting events solicit opinions from all parties based on innovative organizational model, the "online and offline" Registration combination, it attracted more than 50 customers from across the country and exercise machine hand to participate in this event; the area at the same time, in terms of practical operation skills competition, XCMG G generation XCT25L5 doing my part to use models, the first phase of "rolling forward" hanging over tire barricades challenge, players need in a predetermined use XCMG G generation crane hanging tires, if the vehicle does not move through luffing jib, etc. combined action of the tire through the designated route, not only tested the players superb skills, show more XCMG G generation, high-end quality and superior performance. The competition, no warm-up and mobilization, in the intense atmosphere, in three degrees broke the tournament record at the same time, customers will be the first day from Henan bests fixed in 4 minutes and 17 seconds.

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吊车大赛1 (1)

XCMG has always been committed to our customers and bi-depth integration, to explore the safe operation of the construction industry, lifting program optimization, an important development issue after-sales service, training, industrial planning. The through "G energy movers, to you to war" lifting specialist annual Skills Challenge, not only XCMG and hoisting industry users have forged a profound friendship, and make XCMG G generation of a new series of cranes in the market has been highly recognized and innovative an important platform for the field of training and selection of domestic hoisting highly skilled and innovative ways to build a lifting professional exchange, learning.

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