XCMG HANVAN Truck Shining in 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Views: 70     Author: John     Publish Time: 2016-05-10      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

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25 th of April, the 14 th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition is held in capital city Beijing of China. XCMG HANVAN trucks three series products are showing in this exhibition.

XCMG HANVAN Truck tractor
2:00 pm, "the daily Herd • moving sections" as the theme of the Chinese wind HANVAN family of product launches in the commercial exhibition was held, general manager of XCMG Group Automotive Luo Donghai delivered a speech, XCMG Group Automotive Total engineer Mr. Han Feng Jian released HANVAN family G900 / G700 / G500 series. Subsequently, XCMG heavy truck silhouette and gold giant new base running in the background, XCMG heavy trucks launched a comprehensive listing HANVAN family full line of products. HANVAN family three series for the first time on the same stage shock debut, attracting media attention.

XCMG Truck tractor
7 years, more than 2,000 days and nights, from heavy loss over Chunlan truck to aging at 2015 2 billion level, to build six major product platform, and product sales in 6592 sets before advancing tractor industry 10 series ...... digital witnessed XCMG heavy truck emergence into a butterfly of the road, but also more determined XCMG heavy truck to HANVAN training to become China's heavy truck industry major competitors and efficiency leader, to build domestic heavy truck industry mainstream brand goal.

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