XCMG Institute of vibration and noise reduction achieved a major breakthrough

Views: 21     Author: Daniel     Publish Time: 2016-07-11      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG Research Institute "Construction Machinery Vibration and Noise Key Technology Research and Application" project successfully passed the China Machinery Industry Federation and technology achievement appraisal, mechanical vibration and noise reduction engineering breakthrough key technology bottlenecks, significant innovation, overall reached the international advanced level, some technology has reached the international advanced level.

XCMG noise reduction

Noise pollution management has been the Chinese construction machinery products standards in a blind spot. Although from the beginning of the 1980s, China began to develop the statute of limitations for construction machinery noise pollution, but relatively broad, remains a constraint for the development of China's construction machinery is a major bottleneck.
XCMG Construction Machinery Group has been committed to overcome vibration and noise reduction technology, the "Construction Machinery Vibration and Noise key technology research and application" project is completed to cover all types of construction machinery machine vibration and noise reduction key technology research, design and development dedicated core components form the optimal matching of the vibration and noise reduction measures based on a variety of low-noise acoustic package was developed based on the key components of vibration and noise reduction projects and rapid intelligent database matching the mechanical vibration noise design matching platform. Technological achievements have been successfully applied on cranes, excavators, loaders, rollers, and other 11 categories of products, some products at the maximum fan speed driver ear sound pressure level reached 70dB (A), the machine sound power level emissions than the EU CE certification 3dB (a), reached the international advanced level, succeeded in breaking the technical barriers to international high-end market, to enhance the international image of domestic national brand, the technical development of the industry played a very good leading role.

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