XCMG K series backhoes first time export to Australia

Views: 3     Author: Mark     Publish Time: 2016-10-17      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG earth-moving machinery division independently developed XT870H (K) mounted loader digging debut in Australia, to achieve such products to enter China's first international high-end market breakthrough, but also reflects the high-end market for backhoe loaders XCMG high value-added and high-tech recognition.

XCMG backhoe loader in AUS

Australia, the national economic development needs small construction machinery. XCMG is the first R & D backhoe loader manufacturing enterprises, with a wealth of experience and a full product range, carry more equipment to meet the needs of different operating conditions. The backhoe loader for the first time exported to Australia, XCMG products in the high-end market breakthrough, XCMG product quality and technological breakthroughs, but also shows XCMG backhoe loaders in the high-end market brand image. At the same time, accelerate products continue to export high-end market, will also help to enhance the profitability of the business unit goals.

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