XCMG Ladder fire truck batches in Beijing

Views: 11     Author: York     Publish Time: 2017-05-18      Origin: XCMG

Recently, by the XCMG fire research and development of six domestic first ladder fire truck YT22K2 successfully completed the start, the official delivery of the Beijing Municipal Fire Bureau, to protect the capital of the people's lives and property security add XCMG new strength.


YT22K2 ladder fire engines rely on XCMG first generation of a new generation of high-lift high-fire car technology platform, is the XCMG for Beijing and other ancient buildings and other dense cities and narrow street design and development, custom to create a new mufti-functional ladder fire engines, Over the years to lift the design and manufacture of fire engines. YT22K2 highlight the shape of light, fast and efficient, flexible and flexible features, fully meet the narrow streets, ancient buildings and other narrow roads, rescue sites small, difficult to fire areas of fire fighting needs, widely applicable to all levels of low-rise buildings in the city of high-altitude fast Rescue and fire fighting and fighting work, is the fire department at all levels quickly and efficiently fighting fire insurance, ambulance personnel, the necessary equipment to rescue the property


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