XCMG Mining Excavator XE5600 finished production

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XCMG self-developed XE5600 mining excavator was finished production! It fills the gap in the product type spectrum of domestic large mining excavators of 400 to 700 tons.

"Large-scale" is the inevitable trend of the development of mining equipment. Customers of super-large mines have increasingly strong demand for flexible and rich construction combination schemes.

XE5600 2

The mine environment is complex and the operation is heavy, so the power requirement of the equipment is very high. The XE5600 is equipped with two 1520 horsepower generators to drive it. The power is very powerful. It is equipped with the largest bucket capacity of the same ton product as standard, and the bucket capacity is up to 35m ³, Each bucket can excavate more than 50 tons of coal, which can be used in complete sets with XCMG 240 tons or 300 tons of tramcars for construction, and the loading and transportation of about 30000 tons of coal can be completed every 8 hours. In addition, the maintenance period of the whole machine can reach 500h, greatly extending the product life.

The XE5600 is not only powerful, but also outstanding in energy saving. It uses turbocharging technology to improve fuel economy; Equipped with fan clutch, it can reduce fan speed at low temperature and effectively save energy; 650L large-capacity grease bucket is equipped as standard, and the hydraulically driven single-line lubrication system can be switched between full-automatic and semi-automatic.

XE5600 1

The XE5600 adopts a dual-power intelligent control system, which achieves the best cooperation between the power and the hydraulic system, and greatly improves the operation efficiency. It is equipped with two 12-inch super-large touch screens and video displays, as well as a multimedia control panel, so that the operator can carry out a number of humanized control settings. In addition, the XE5600 can also be equipped with XCMG customized 5G expansion kit to realize remote driving.

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