XCMG QY25K-II export to Saudi Arab

Views: 34     Author: Louis     Publish Time: 2017-11-18      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently we export two units XCMG 25 ton truck crane QY25K-II to Saudi Arab.

QY25K-II is one of the most popular XCMG brand 25 ton truck crane model. It is advanced from QY25K, with longer boom length than QY25K and new type truck cab.

Here are some features of QY25K-II:

Leading performance: the boom length in full extension is 39.5m, the performance leading in 5%. The grade ability is 40%, which make the machine have good road adaptability.

• The unique U boom and plug-in boom head make the load-carrying capacity more balanced, and lift more smoothly.

• The unique stretch and retract technique prevents the wrong operation; the stretch and retract of the boom is safer and more reliable.

• The control system is optimized by 8 patents; lifting, rotation, and luffing are easy and reliable.

• Six unique technologies supply the quality assurance, and make the products keep a high value.

• The innovative jib system adopts embedded block, plug-in boom head and octagon jib, which has excellent lifting performance and safe and reliable lifting work.

• The unique stretch and retract technique avoids the bend of the core pipe and cylinder and the break of the boom caused by wrong operation, improving the safety of the operations.

• Eight patent techniques ensure the smooth, high efficiency and energy conservation of the lifting, rotation, and luffing systems.

• Adopt the new hydraulic motor with big torque starting point, making the secondary lifting safer.

• The torque limiter adopts colorful LCD display, realizing the intelligence of the failure diagnosis. The precision is ahead of the industry.

• The humanity design makes the cab and control cab more spacious, and easy to operate.

• Six unique manufacturing technologies ensure the high quality.

QY25K-II (3).png

QY25K-II (2).png


Before shipment, we go to factory and do some test of the two units, like start engine, drive the truck, do crane operations like telescoping, swing, this is to make sure two cranes are in good condition. After that, two cranes will be driven to Shanghai and go on board.


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