XCMG Rough Terrain Crane will help to build 150,000 national grid construction in Saudi Arab

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In China's second largest desert - Alashan Desert, a great national strategic project will be implemented here, West to East, the whole will set up 15,000 power grids.

In the vast desert areas to set up a grid, the harsh environment is the biggest challenge, test the people also test the machine. While the special terrain in the desert area, you need off-road tire crane this special lifting equipment.

XCMG rough terrain crane.jpg

Shi Xiaolin, lifting equipment boss, is driving XCMG RT60 ride in the Alashan desert, rolled all the way dust.

Work gap, Mr. Shi told us: only the tires of the crane can be here free of charge at random, the general crane here must not open. Arm length 43.2m, long enough, used to hang tower is very easy. More powerful is that the car can still carry heavy objects driving, which is convenient, efficient too much. I drove the car a kind of off-road car feeling, over the mountains, load forward, omnipotent.

Mr. Shi also told us that: this environment I was sitting in the car do not want to come out. One is outside too hot, sand is too big, it is unable to stand, the other is the car inside the layout is really too comfortable. The cab is spacious enough to sit for a long time. These control buttons are very user-friendly, very easy to operate. From these will be able to feel the XCMG products on the customer's intentions.

XCMG rough terrain crane at work.jpg

In the vast desert, the car is the boss of the most troublesome thing. But this car RT60 work here for more than five months of performance, so that Mr. Shi is XCMG products with admiration. "In this harsh trail of the harsh environment, and away from the service station so far, we are really worried about the car in this anchor how to do, but now worry about a little spare, so long the car is running very well, then I specifically asked XCMG Technical experts, only to know the original car specifically for this high temperature, high dust environment for the system upgrade, protection, so in order to be able to deal with here, this reliability and technology I was very happy.

XCMG rough terrain crane cab.jpg


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