XCMG SQZ200K folding arm lorry crane bauma exhibition style

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XCMG SQZ200K folding arm lorry crane bauma exhibition style April 11, as in the field of mechanical engineering world-class leader, XCMG 9 products carry attend bauma exhibition in Munich. In addition to the venue large construction machinery giant special vehicles and other products, a bright yellow smart lorry crane attract visitors attention.

As this exhibition XCMG product lightweight, this seemingly small SQZ200K knuckle boom crane lorry how on the world's top stage show this year, we went into it with doubt and curiosity production base to explore the mystery.

 SQZ200K truck-mounted crane in Munich

September 29, 2015, at vehicle assembly plants XCMG vehicle assembly lines, one to adapt to the European market 8 tons lorry crane assembled, Quality inspectors test waiting time; yet, at XCMG CEE Center This product handling and safety benchmarking study is underway, the level of performance at this stage of the product has been in full compliance with European standards. Sunzong tells us: "The benchmarking research project was launched in October last year, year and a half after the project is completed, our handling and flexibility will be even better." XCMG, such projects not only in CEE or R & D center in Xuzhou going on at all times.


Suppliers Xiao Heng lorry crane XCMG Institute, based on the "international market" strategy, the fourth generation of his company in order to compete in international markets lorry crane and promote domestic industry technology upgrade plan, he and his project team the repeated technical idea, market research, finite element analysis and design changes. To make the best solution, he often repeated during the day in the field of commissioning tests, based on test results to improve analysis of the evening, literature optimization, and finally on the key components of the boom structure creatively developed a multi-cylinder with multiple sets of cables retractable control system, greatly enhance the product's ability to scale load, also marks the lorry crane XCMG research and development capabilities to meet international advanced level, and this exhibition SQZ200K knuckle boom truck-mounted crane XCMG product is advanced and reliable the best interpretation.

1 XCMG SQZ200K truck-mounted crane

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