XCMG Schwing PC-type intelligent mixing station successfully developed

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Recently, by XCMG Schwing independent research and development of new products - PC-type intelligent mixing plant successfully put into operation, is being installed. The mixing plant for the XCMG Schwing system customers for the construction of China's custom design and manufacture, service in the new building PC residential production line of concrete production.

PC type concrete mixing

PC (Prefabricated Concrete Structure), "prefabricated concrete structure", is made of prefabricated concrete components as the main material, the assembly, connection, combined with part of the cast water and the formation of concrete structure. XCMG Schwing innovative PC-type intelligent mixing plant is a PC component production line in the important equipment, which has three technical first, using more than 10 patented technology. The product uses intelligent control, in addition to the traditional mixing station automatic feeding, measurement and other functions, but also control the ferry car automatic positioning to achieve multi-point, more production line accurate fabric, effectively reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency; And production innovation using "X" -type space layout, two paths cross-running, 40% lower than the traditional form of land, the whole station design and existing plant perfect fusion, seamless docking; the same time, the product was a unique environmental optimization , On the belt machine, the main building and so on the whole package design, to achieve green production; and the discharge device for double anti-drip design, so that the mouth of the mud all the leaks to achieve zero mud emissions; In addition, the product to achieve a fixed Production line and mixer with dual-use, through the ferry car, rotating hopper and mixer with the production line in addition to concrete loading, one station dual efficient and convenient.

The product adhering to the "leading technology, with no destruction," the gold standard, will serve the first PC component production plant in Xuzhou, which will change the construction of housing construction methods, in the Huaihai earth set off a construction technology innovation, with Owners together to show the quality of XCMG product charm.

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