XCMG TWZ180 Tunnel trolley working in Beijing

Views: 25     Author: Allen     Publish Time: 2015-11-30      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

Recently, the TWZ180 tunnel trolley is finished installation and lift to the working area in one of Beijing Subway construction place. The quick finish of this installation work has made a new record. The drill speed is doubling, and human work cost is -50%, this show XCMG TWZ180 have made big advanced in working efficiency.

In China, about 55% subway tunnel use dark tunnel trolley machinery, but because of the tunnel’s small, narrow construction room, normal machinery can’t work there. TWZ180 is designed and produced by XCMG for this special working condition. It is smart and can take place of human work in the underground tunnels.

XCMG TWZ180 Tunnel trolley


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