XCMG V series wheel loader get big order from coal mine

Views: 2     Author: Lisa     Publish Time: 2017-05-31      Origin: XCMG

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Recently, XCMG "V" series loader and then show the king style, environmental protection, energy saving, efficient win customers favor, batch winning a large state-owned coal enterprises 30 bulk orders. At present, the first batch of products have been put into use. 


XCMG as a leader in China's construction machinery industry, product development has an unparalleled advantage, especially in the green, energy saving, environmentally friendly products, a comprehensive leader in other domestic enterprises. XCMG "V" series of loaders in the country put forward the concept of environmental protection, based on the concept of energy efficient research and development of new products, not only to retain the advantages of XCMG series loader, in environmental protection and energy efficiency even better. At the same time, the successful bid for a large state coal mining enterprises to produce environmentally friendly thermal coal, coking coal, anthracite mainly by the government environmental protection departments identified as environmentally friendly clean coal to promote the use of a combination of the two highlights the strong support of the national environmental protection , But also for the green coal mine construction provides product support.



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