XCMG V series wheel loaders working in Mongolia province in China

Views: 23     Author: Sam     Publish Time: 2016-07-28      Origin: XCMG

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Recently, XCMG "V" series loaders and then force, in one fell swoop was Siziwangqi Urban Construction Administration 10 3-ton / 5-ton loader achieves a first sale in the region.

XCMG LW500FV wheel loader

XCMG's new "v" series loaders, marking China's construction machinery industry "supply-side reform," Thirteen Five years in the first year of practice formally entered the landing stage, the environmental aspects of energy conservation has unparalleled advantages, ecological environment Inner Mongolia region relatively fragile environmental protection have a positive demonstration effect. At the same time, Inner Mongolia is located in high latitudes, XCMG based on customer environment and working condition requirements, the product of the corresponding improvement, highly adapted to the climatic requirements Inner Mongolia region.


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