XCMG XCA100E show the new high technology of Chinese crane industry

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In this exhibition XCMG All-Star product, XCA100E the ultimate all-terrain crane with its high-performance design and independent suspension system Telescopic arms pin plug and a number of core technologies, has attracted numerous overseas audience's eye.

XCMG XCA100E all terrain crane
Persistence and fifty-three years of precipitation
From 1963 to 2016, XCMG has been at the forefront of the world's leading crane industry. Fifty years of the stick and accumulation, XCMG not only gave birth to countless star product and perfect complete solution, but also the formation of a proud heritage of corporate culture and core technology.
Opened Xuzhou Truck Crane Factory, yellowing of the ink sheet witnessed XCMG crane development and glory. In 1963, the first generation of Chinese companies began producing truck cranes (Q51 type 5 tons), the 1970s developed China's first hydraulic truck crane (QY16 tons).
December 31, 2014, "the F-15 aircraft in mechanical engineering," the world's largest tonnage in China, Yunnan, known as the most technologically advanced XCA5000 achieve the world's first all terrain crane, wore an altitude of over 3000 meters, the wind speed 16 m / sec of bad weather, the 24 sets of weight 91 tons of 2.0 MW wind turbines firmly suspended from the 81-meter-high tower, powerful lifting strength and superior performance won high praise.
In order for users worldwide targeted product development, XCMG has sent 29 technical backbone of R & D personnel, went to Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Congo, Venezuela, South Africa and other countries construction Engineering to conduct a comprehensive investigation and study, in-depth comprehensive global survey of user needs to understand the actual working conditions of wind power, nuclear power, chemical industry, high-speed rail and other projects, performance and operating practices.
According to incomplete statistics, research technician walked around the equator of the road may be hundreds of laps, regardless of spring and summer and winter field trip, wore diet differences, language, communication and other problems, the number of times a user can talk, countless late-night discussion analysis, technical team after more than three months overseas market research, back to the stacks of detailed analysis.
In the same year, XCMG started development work XCA100E based global market research foundation, XCMG station determined at the highest standards, will create XCA100E become a high-end, as the leader of the extreme.

XCMG all terrain crane XCA100E
Get the world's most stringent regulatory approvals
At Bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany, we can see, XCA100E known as the "leader of as" really deserved. Large load XCMG original design of single-wishbone suspension system, the mechanical engineering design bold and innovative new technology for vehicles in different road conditions the state has a critical "control." On the muddy and uneven pavement on both sides XCA100E suspension can work independently distinction according to road condition and downs, with six kinds of steering modes, high-speed corners by 18m diameter, 0.5m high over the obstacle, the world's leading off-road performance. XCMG applied independently developed telescopic arms pin plug system technology, the use of Section 7 60m main boom and a maximum lifting height of 88 meters, the performance leader in the industry's highest proportion of 5% -10%.
Innovation comes from breakthrough innovation but also from the customer's careful attention. XCA100 in control system design will also apply intelligent technology to the extreme, the user simply setting the amplitude of the hoist heavy weight and other parameters on the operating room control screen, the system can automatically recommend the best heavy-duty crane. At the same time, each operating page, the man-machine operator action have been compared and analyzed in travel intelligence, remote operation and a series of innovative design in providing customers with the most comfortable and secure intelligent operating environment.
XCA100E as four 100-ton bridge as a representative of all terrain cranes, modular development, you can choose to configure different engine emissions, depending on the region, to meet the global market. Its design process in accordance with EN13000 and FEM design standards to meet CE, WVTA certification standards, is one stroke by the world's toughest road car regulatory approvals.
Improving overall product quality assurance
With cranes to large-scale direction, crane systems become more complex, more and more extended conditions, the difficulty of greatly improved user jobs, crane safety, operational efficiency, precision increasingly demanding job, does not allow the slightest mistake. XCA100E in the development process, no matter how large or small frame detail to secure excellence.
On the level of new product applications XCA100E R & D arms single-cylinder plug pin telescoping system technology, from the original pin down " " shaped vertical parallel structure to "=" bilateral latch pin arm to ensure a more good force.
However, but how to get the pin and the arm cylinder pin parallel means to achieve these two recommendations interlock foreign R & D institutions is given the use of electro-hydraulic implement locking device and believed in a small space can not be realized outriggers mechanical lock dead. But Hu Xiaodong responsible for the car XCA100E not recognize this argument, "although that was an electrical device capable of interlocking in the normal state can be achieved, but in some special cases may lead to failure, we have to find a foolproof plan, ensure safe operation of the user. "at the seminar, Hu Xiaodong fierce arguments with foreign experts.
To overcome this problem, Hu Xiaodong search of a variety of information books, design modifications to and fro dozens of programs verified through continuous three-dimensional software, the ultimate use of the principle of rotation of the screw layers, driven telescopic movement when the cylinder pin interlocking mechanism for rotating the horizontal arm automatically lock pin, to achieve mechanical lock with electrohydraulic lock double protection. When the experiment is successful single-cylinder plug pin arms to take in the face of foreign experts, several experts amazed, have a thumbs-up.
Forging high-quality tempered
Only tempered in order to forge customer satisfaction with quality products. XCMG, each new product or new technology before officially put into operation, we have to carry out in the laboratory of the reliability test for the independent suspension system, single-cylinder plug pin telescoping arms systems and other new technology is creating not slack.
In 2014, in XCMG heavy engineering center oncoming test stand is constant movement, the real protagonist of this test is a key member XCA100E on core - single-cylinder telescopic cylinder pin. The telescopic arm cylinder cylinder pin plug movement has continuously test a million times, and its goal is to test 50,000 times. If the user continues to telescoping boom ten times a day for the unit, even spend ten years there will not be a problem. "Failed the test, but off on behalf until the high standards of quality so far. In the last test, since the surface roughness of the affected parts and materials, did not achieve the desired goal, this time is to re-edit the second test after processing. "Hu Xiaodong Road.
Chengdu in China's "K & C" laboratory, independent suspension system XCMG original also are suffering bumps up and down, roll and steering of layers of the test, and test equipment simulation independent suspension system may appear bumpy roads during status, and the wheel alignment parameters for detailed analysis to identify the impact of product reliability "DNA". In China national military testing facility, a radius of 10 square kilometers of hilly terrain, laying scale pit road, washboard road, muddy road, steep bends and other no less than dozens of road, from the name of the road you know, every road crane is a severe test. Here, XCMG all terrain cranes all traffic pass and repass, fully independent suspension system suitability detected in different conditions.

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