XCMG XCA1200 All Terrain Crane, new G generation

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In Bauma Shanghai 2016, XCMG XCA1200 all terrain crane is the biggest crane of all manufactures.
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XCMG XCA1200 All Terrain Crane (5)
XCA1200 is designed and produced on the years of accumulation of crane technical achievements, fully absorb advanced foreign technology, combined with international and domestic all-terrain crane status and development trend, the use of advanced design concepts and design methods developed a new generation of "G generation" Ground cranes. It has 12 "G generation" technologies such as fully closed hydraulic system, intelligent boom, new single cylinder plug, G generation appearance and human-computer interaction system.
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Its chassis is combined by 8 axles, all axles steering. The chassis technology is the design of hydro-pneumatic suspension systems and multi-axle steering systems, both of which are unique to all-terrain cranes of XCMG.
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The XCA1200 is equipped with a self-assembling balanced counterweight to ensure stability in lifting. Outrigger, XCA1200 with "X" type outrigger structure, intelligent driving, and braking system, mobile and flexible. When its weight is generally required to put down the legs, increase the bearing surface, and leveling the fuselage to ensure the stability of the crane and lifting capacity.
XCMG XCA1200 All Terrain Crane (3)
In addition, XCMG XCA1200 all-terrain crane, using a large all-terrain crane from the technology, multi-condition braking control technology, dynamic axle load collection technology have reached the international advanced level. Multi-mode control technology, single-cylinder latches technology reached the international advanced level.

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