XCMG XCA550 all terrain cranes won the 2017 China Red Star Design Award

Views: 14     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2018-05-24      Origin: Changzhou Yamar Group

Recently, the "Red Star of the Year 2017" theme of "Design for Better Life" came to an end in Beijing. This year there were 10,044 products from 2313 companies worldwide competing for the Red Star Award. Among the products XCM550 All-terrain crane stand out, won the 2017 China Design Red Star Silver Award.

XCMG 550 ton all terrain crane.jpg

A new generation of all-terrain cranes with 7 axles made a leading work with the ton-class products operating performance, intelligent control of the level of transition efficiency, driving performance industry-leading, highly efficient self-disassembly, Disassembly and assembly technology, large tonnage crane single engine power technology, lower maintenance costs.

The main boom of the seven-section extension 90m main boom, and the configuration of the wind arm, 92m arm length, lifting capacity of 80t, is the industry's most powerful lifting capacity of 550 tons of wind all terrain cranes. Seven bridges turning radius smaller, more adapted to work in a small space, the city homework more advantages. Wind conditions is to meet the 1.5WM and 2.0WM fan installation.

Ultra-fixed-length tension, just a key press, you can automatically winch retractable cylinder tension, the body lock and other movements, high efficiency at the same time accompanied by high reliability! Based on the concept of large-tonnage efficient transfer of self-disassembly transition design, without auxiliary vehicles, can be achieved leg, balance weight, super-hook system since disassembly. The job preparation time is short, transition time reduction of 20%, reducing vehicle operating costs.

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