XCMG XCS45 reach stacker

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August 28, Henan Jin Dadi Chemical Co., Ltd. laughter, firecrackers Qi Ming, Xu Gong Kim and the earth connected conclusion. Zhang was responsible for purchasing equipment, fire ignited firecrackers, excitement over the scales.

Surrounding customers have come to see its style, look at the appearance of the atmosphere, exquisite details of the deal, have nodded praise, Xu Gongjin really shining, which makes Zhang always feel equipped with face. Zhang also always show off from time to time: the election XCMG right, the brand in this, certainly do reassuring things, seeing is believing, you have seen yourself, big brands, good things is not the same!

This is the first time to do equipment procurement Henan Golden Earth Chemical Co., Ltd., with many years of equipment rental, the use of experience, as well as understanding of the industry's products, Zhang finally selected XCMG XCMG positive hanging.


More than a month of actual combat performance so that Zhang always admire their own eyes. "Because of the increase in the scale of production, this one month, the equipment is running continuously, no less than 10 hours a day, and sometimes the demand for raw materials tight, day and night and even dry day and night have, if the transport equipment Problems, delay the progress of production, I can not afford .I also pinch the car sweat ah, after all, is the new equipment, I think this run-in period will be more ah, but this one month down let me More admire XCMG product quality, reliability is really high! "Zhang sigh to.


Master in charge of equipment operation is also full of praise for the XCS45. "I used to rent the front suspension is also open, open this XCS45 feel is smoothly, these buttons think it should be here. Open the positive hanging is a long, repetitive work, comfort is too important, one is Seat comfort, there is the observation of comfort, these two XCMG XCMG doing this place is in place, one day, will feel a lot easier than before.

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