XCMG XCT series truck crane in factory

Views: 621     Author: Mike     Publish Time: 2016-09-16      Origin: XCMG

Recently we visit XCMG truck crane factory with our customers and take photos of some new models.
This factory of XCMG is new, before there is an factory to produce cranes but it is not enough, so XCMG build this new factory. The new G generation truck crane, XCT series and other new models are all be produced in this new factory.
We see some new photos and take photos of them, such as:

XCMG 8 ton truck crane XCT8

XCMG truck crane XCT8
XCMG 12 ton truck crane XCT12

XCMG XCT12 truck crane
XCMG 75 ton truck crane XCT75

XCMG XCT75 truck crane

XCMG 75 t truck crane XCT75
If you want to know more about these models, please check our products list.

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