XCMG XCT110 truck crane lift boiler

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We are in Yinchuan, Ningxia XCMG to visit a new generation of G series truck crane XCT110.
The visit is the owner of the G generation XCT110 owner. In August this year, the new purchase of this Taiwan XCT110, since came to Yinchuan, popular popularity is not a trace of the decline, has become a local one hundred ton crane in the "new favorite." The same day, this XCT110 is a large-scale boiler plant renovation project. Just entering the construction site, it was this super-screen feels shocked, clouds are low, it seems to be covered in the construction of the boom.


At the scene, the owner of the owner of the king to us: select this XCT110 may be his most proud thing this year. The seven-section main boom length of 73 meters, and lightweight design allows the vehicle weight of less than 55 tons. Short-term special can carry 12 tons of counterweight, not only improve efficiency, but also save a lot of cost. In addition, the king is very interested in the boss is driving performance, and even jokingly said, are reluctant to open their own cars. XCT110 low-speed high-torque power system makes it faster, more powerful. The world's first rear axle hydraulic follow-up steering technology, to achieve road and small turning two steering mode, high-speed stable and reliable, low-speed flexible mobility,
Reduce the gap caused by the rod angle error, reduce fuel consumption and tire wear.
Conversation, Wang boss smiled satisfied smile. When it comes to income, he is happy face, the current project, 8 hours a day, the class can reach 6,000 yuan. Because the boiler lifting work’s main difficulty is to lift it to meet the height. At present, this Taiwan XCT110 is fully capable, and the lifting efficiency is very high.


Wang boss in the view, engaged in crane business, in fact, is not simple, because in order to make their business more and more widely, we must "good faith" word. How to integrity? The first is to let the owners do not have any concerns, so security and stability is the most important. In addition, with the hoisting industry competition intensifies, the owners of the equipment demanding, so engaged in this industry, select the product that moment, may have decided their own business is good or bad. The X-G generation of products there, and owners have been omitted from the negotiations, because in addition to G generation, where there can be better equipment?

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