XCMG XCT55L5 truck crane

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Back in two months ago, a raging fire April 18, China • Xuzhou, a crane industry technology feast conducted. XCMG cranes generation G grand launch, once again subvert the industry's awareness of Chinese cranes.
 "Triple Crane" - XCMG uses a "cool" way, the G generation powerful lifting performance, product show the most balanced performance. There is a beauty called Mei Cheng Mei Hangout at the tall XCA550 contrasting, XCT55 and XCT8 look is so delicate neighbor.

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The old users witness QY50K, to heritage XCMG K series classic QY50KA. Furthermore, is the protagonist of today, combines the excellent quality of the G generation market entrants --XCT55L5.55 tons XCMG crane is in the history of the development of family planning, wrote a thick dark.

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Seiko build, high quality invite you to test drive.
XCT55L5 carries G generation unique temperament. Sky Blue "honeycomb" with shining gold XCMG, highlighting the high-end quality; integration sky blue background white text, highlighting the noble. Soft lines and fortitude, burst out of the product firmness and flexibility of Engineering Mechanics beauty.

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44.5 m long main boom, disdain other brands’ five section boom similar products. Five-section telescopic boom order to upgrade to any telescopic boom conditions extended to 15, beyond the similar products Condition 1 times, the same arm length margin conditions, higher performance and stability
Low speed high torque power system, a maximum speed of 90km / h, exceeding similar products industry for more than 10%. Powerful, stronger climbing ability, 45% angle easily across. The industry's first gold chain drive - the low-speed torque, fuel consumption can lower fuel efficiency by 15%.
XCMG XCT55L5 (3)

Precision manufacturing, high considerate extraordinary achievements
The new HMI system, and create a new era crane intelligent operation. Work pressure real-time display, 7-inch true color touch screen, and more texture. Integrated bus panel, a key operation more efficient. Automatic planning conditions, input lifting information, the system automatically recommends simple conditions, perfectly rendered safe, efficient, intelligent operating experience.
In addition, the new energy-saving hydraulic system, lifting operations smoother, more precise jog sex, double pump confluence technology, faster and more efficient; customers demand for specialized and selective installation of the industry's first energy recovery technology, green energy conservation and more efficient.

XCMG XCT55L5 (2)
XCT55L5 is with 5 sections booms, there is another model for 55 ton with 6 sections booms, that is XCT55L6.
If you want to know details of new models, please check the specifications from our products list:

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