XCMG XE370D excavator helps African hydro-power construction

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In the early summer, there was an extra golden scenery on the endless grassland - dozens of XCMG XE370D excavators entered the site of the Rufuji hydropower station project and started work day and night.

XE370D 2

The geological conditions of the project site are complex, the rocks are hard, the climate is hot, and the requirements for the quality and performance of the excavator are very high. In the fierce competition, XCMG XE370D stands out with its excellent product performance and becomes the main construction force of Rufuji Hydropower Station Project.

XE370D 1

According to the site conditions, XCMG has equipped this batch of equipment with heavy high-strength rock-type buckets and high-efficiency crushing pipelines, and the construction operation is powerful. The boom of XE370D is equipped with a reinforced connecting device, and the front axle seat of the stick adopts advanced design, making the whole machine more reliable and durable. The cab of the equipment is equipped with intelligent air conditioner, which can automatically adjust the air volume and provide customers with intelligent and comfortable driving experience.

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