XCMG XGTL1600 boom tower crane

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Recently, in Beijing held a grand 12th China Industry Forum issued the "2015 Annual China industry first (set) Major Technical Equipment Demonstration Project", XCMG Xuzhou Construction Machinery Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. developed large boom tower machine XGTL1600 glory selected. XGTL1600 as XCMG tower crane iconic products, XCMG actively participate in national support program - the result of large boom tower crane research and industrial development. Its excellent lifting performance, compact structure, lightweight, accurate and reliable control system, fully equipped safety devices, convenient and efficient dismantling technology, people-oriented design concept, opened a new chapter XCMG tower crane career development.

XCMG XGTL1600 boom tower crane
Boom tower crane high technological content, complex structure, pre-design, XCMG XGTL1600 project R & D team actively in-depth market research, has repeatedly visited Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places of large tower crane users and water utilities, bridge construction major national projects. On the basis of full communication with customers on the research and development team from the market situation, the demand for products, resource allocation, and many other analyzes feasibility studies, to determine the best technical solution, successfully resolved the large tower machine disassembly and high altitude climbing, power train match, group towers job security and a series of technical problems. In the "China Industrial new record" award was named "the biggest domestic work to date, the maximum lifting speed, from the weight of the largest tower crane boom" in one fell swoop in to fill the domestic boom tower technology gaps related to the field, is Tamai high level of boom to the international important symbol. As a proprietary large boom tower crane, XGTL1600 not only expand the product spectrum XCMG, XCMG opened a new chapter in the development of tower crane, but the revitalization of China's equipment manufacturing industry as a whole has a significant level of practical significance and history connotation.
Superiority to win customer appreciation
Since the Shanghai Bauma debut, XGTL1600 tower crane boom has attracted the attention of many users, rapid sales and put into construction applications. 2014, XGTL1600 boom tower crane impressively stand beside the "China's first hydropower station," help national research. The construction project as mankind's first dust power stations, respect for lifting equipment lifting performance, space operations and efficient operation with high requirements, comparable to competing with competitors bidding conference, XCMG tower crane with excellent performance He won the crowd's affirmation, won the construction works of this project. Clients that their superior performance and efficient construction efficiency highly recognized, called "performance quality XGTL1600 tower crane boom can be comparable with world-class!"
XGTL1600 boom tower crane successfully developed, XCMG Group, "three high and one big" product strategy reflects, XCMG tower "the leading domestic internationally renowned" strategic vision, marking XCMG among large high tower ranks, big step the industry's leading new journey!

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