XCMG YT22K2 Ladder fire fighting truck is off production line

Views: 43     Author: Bob     Publish Time: 2016-06-11      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG fire fighting truck company independently developed a new product YT22K2 ladder truck was successfully launched, a successful trial of the product, has become a pioneer weapon XCMG fire equipment on the market to fill the domestic market of blank compact ladder truck, also XCMG fire truck design and manufacturing for many years held high technology crystallization.
The product uses two bridges chassis, with a small, fast, and spirit characteristic of the three major advantages, mobility is more flexible than the main battle vehicle fire truck, vehicle length is less than 8m, the minimum turning diameter of less than 17m, the working platform load 180kg, can work platform, ladder rescue ladder and other ways of working platforms waterway integrated design, fast and efficient fire-fighting operations, vehicle integration of more than 20 security devices, improving overall security. As a compact product, YT22K2 also equipped with inflatable cushion comprising rescue, inflatable machines, smoke machines, basket stretcher more than 20 kinds of more than 40 rescue equipment, can greatly satisfy the needs of fire and rescue. The product can be widely used in the narrow streets, villages, the old district, the old town, ancient buildings, the Forbidden City and other narrow roads, small space rescue, high altitude areas difficult to turn fast rescue and firefighting work.
XCMG fire fighting aerial truck

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