XCMG aerial working platform family get new member

Views: 10     Author: Kate     Publish Time: 2017-06-28      Origin: XCMG

Recently, XCMG another new insulated arm aerial working platform truck GKJH14A successfully off the assembly line.

The product as a car research and development of the new insulated arm car, the vehicle from the American era of imports, matching XCMG independent research and development of sub-frame, legs, cover and other components, equipped with Iveco chassis, to achieve strong combination. The maximum operating height of 14.2 meters, the maximum operating range of 6.5 meters, rated working voltage 10KV, mature coat technology to ensure that the product has better structural strength and insulation performance; legs can be individually adjusted, with a strong adaptability; Heritage XCMG classic style, with solid, beautiful, practical features.


XCMG ushered in this 14-meter insulated arm car, this series of product models expanded to 14,17,20 m three heights, has fully covered the national grid 10KV high-altitude live operation needs for the development of new markets to lay a solid foundation.

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