XCMG aerial working platform renew Tian Anmen square

Views: 0     Author: Louis     Publish Time: 2017-09-06      Origin: XCMG

On the night of February 6, in order to enhance the overall environmental level of the capital, XCMG high-altitude vehicles to help Tiananmen Square and Chang'an Avenue opened a large-scale "facelift" work, so that a new look in front of the public.


It is understood that XCMG two high-altitude vehicles with its excellent brand, excellent product quality to win the Tiananmen District Management Committee of the trust and recognition and invited to. In order to make the work efficiently, two high-altitude vehicles at the same time on the Tiananmen City wall slogan cleaning maintenance and external walls of paint, which is following last year's National Day before the XCMG high-altitude operation car wiping "lantern" again in Tiananmen unveiled, and to the crowd Show the quality of XCMG quality products.

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