XCMG all terrain crane QAY300A work at 5400m height area

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Recently, at an altitude of over 5400 meters, Mila inaccessible mountains, XCMG all terrain crane QAY300A one hundred tons heavy shovel successful installation.
Starting from Xuzhou, passing through nine provinces, the number of cross-river bridge across the river, which lasted seven days, more than 3700 km to reach the Tibetan plateau Maizhokunggar County mine. Long-distance travel and high altitude control of large mobile cranes is a severe test, it is the product's ability to brake chassis, with reliability, security and down the ramp extremely demanding. XCMG QAY300A all terrain crane bridge with 3 or 4 bridge driver free switching, can adapt to the needs of a variety of conditions.

XCMG QAY300A all terrain crane

As the altitude increases, air pressure decreases, the air density decreases, per cubic meter of air oxygen content gradually decreasing the oxygen content of about 5400 meters above sea level sea level is about 56%, and for the first time into the possession of a person not to mention driving is the car feel unwell; coupled with extremely low temperatures, harsh environments, the crane load is too large, easily cause malfunction.
The construction, in the face of low pressure, low temperature, "acclimatization", XCMG demonstrated superior ability to adapt to the environment, with reliable performance, smooth operation, the leading human-computer interaction technology, QAY300A and XCT100 "two brothers" tacit understanding, successful completion of the assembly work mining equipment, known as the "third pole of the world," the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and writing brilliant, won the customer's high praise.
In order to ensure product quality and reliability, XCMG cranes withstand the high altitude test, very hot desert heat testing, hot and humid coastal corrosion test, rain test, vibration test test test and other harsh environments in a variety of harsh environments, still exhibit superior performance, maintain strong reliability, highlighting the success of the first crane XCMG strong strength and technology leadership "is not destroyed by" high-quality again.

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