XCMG all terrain crane XCA5000

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June 29, the twelfth China Industry Forum in Beijing held a grand meeting issued the "2015 Annual China industry first (set) Major Technical Equipment Demonstration Project" in recognition of the "Chinese industry's first major technical equipment (sets) meritorious service user "and Chinese annual industrial units and characters. XCMG crane division developed XCA5000 as the world's largest tonnage, the highest-tech all-terrain crane, with advanced technology strength and superior market performance, appeared in the "2015 Annual Chinese industry of major technical equipment the first (set) of major technical equipment demonstration projects. "

XCMG all terrain crane XCA5000

Ran out of data
In 2010, with the rapid development of China's wind power, petrochemical, and other facilities, the existing crane product is not sufficient to meet the construction requirements of large-scale wind power lifting equipment had to rely on imports for our energy security have an immense potential threat. To the field of wind power, petrochemical, and other real foothold, we must develop large tonnage with Chinese proprietary all-terrain cranes, the idea in the minds of XCMG crane R & D team is firmly entrenched. After XCMG gradual completion of 800 tons, 1000 tons, 1200 tons crane kiloton development, and manufacturing, we decided to enter the world's largest 1600 tons. XCMG heavy technical experts to set up a lead, the backbone of support, comprehensive coverage, convergence compact all-terrain crane large tonnage XCA5000 R & D team, the core R & D personnel have only 50 people.
Real king of the potential
2012 Shanghai BMW Exhibition, opened a XCA5000 Lushan true capacity, unique appearance, long boom construction, hybrid drive, the leading frame design Taylor. In XCA5000 body, but also the integration of XCMG more than 120 patents, of which only XCA5000 own patents as high as more than 30, will undoubtedly become a true king of the crane area.
"At that time in the development of XCA5000, both human and financial and material resources, are affecting the entire enterprise nervous." XCMG chief technical expert of positive development XCA5000 get back on their former spiritual path, it is still full of emotion. A section of hard, moving scenes, created today XCA5000 king temperament, but also further consolidate the industry leader in the global XCMG in not shake the position.
Today, all-terrain crane XCMG XCA5000 has become the preferred brand of major projects large-scale wind power, nuclear power, petrochemical, and other construction, high reliability, high cost, weight and practical product features, won the unanimous pro-Lai. Since entering the market in November 2014, it has moved to Yunnan, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, wind power, easy to complete more of the wind turbine installation project and the first time mobile cranes minus 30 ° arctic conditions, install 3.0MW wind power installation.
XCA5000 large tonnage of all-terrain crane XCMG products to achieve industrial real sense of pulling, greatly enriched the XCMG brand value and scientific strength, marking XCMG in extra-heavy all-terrain crane independent research and development forward in a solid step forward, powerful China to fill the large tonnage of all terrain cranes blank.


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