XCMG attend Agri-show in Brazil

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Recently, in 2016 Latin America's largest exhibition of agricultural and forestry machinery (Agrishow) held a grand city in Sao Paulo state, Brazil Ribeirao Preto (Ribeirão Preto), more than 300 mechanical, appliance manufacturers Qi Jusheng agriculture forestry industry will come from Latin America. XCMG Brazil Forest Scraper portable equipment, agricultural road building and maintenance equipment exhibition debut at the Brazilian Agriculture and Forestry, the golden "Made in China" to attract many customers stop.
The exhibition includes XCMG forestry machinery for agriculture and forestry infrastructure graders, rollers, and other engineering and construction equipment, as well as agriculture, forestry, construction operations for two busy, small loaders, telehandlers and other logging machines and transport construction equipment. XCMG has consistently uphold the consistent style of lean manufacturing, forestry machinery also has job security, user-friendly design, operator comfort and other prominent features, Zaozao ingenuity, sincerity Sincere for the development of agriculture and forestry industry in Latin America for the good of the offer.
XCMG in Agrishow Brazil

State of Sao Paulo Secretary of Agriculture, Mr. Arnaldo Jardim, president of the Brazilian Association of Agricultural Machinery Mr. Carlos Pastoriza, Mr. Nanda Holstein Agriculture Secretary Ernane Polo invited to attend the ribbon-cutting activities.
In response to Brazil's long extravagant sluggish market situation in 2016 in Brazil and stronger foundation XCMG Construction Machinery main business on rely on themselves and take the initiative as actively looking for a way out from the market segmentation. In accordance with XCMG "South American integration" strategic plan, XCMG Brazil active interest in Latin American agriculture, forestry, industry trends, take the initiative and forestry machinery market. Based on the powerful suite of engineering machinery research and development capabilities, such as the development of XCMG logging machines, pull wooden machine, a belt and a series of cost-effective forestry products; by earth-moving machinery, mining machinery with different forestry machinery, forestry machinery covered transboundary field. While XCMG Brazil gravity create a "South American integration" strong brand, to seize the opportunity for Latin America show the campaign trail, strengthening shaping Chinese manufacturers of high-end brand image, enhance XCMG international brand value, for enterprises to strive for greater market access and more customer groups, promote XCMG Brazil as soon as possible "stronger Brazil, Latin America radiation" grand strategy!

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