XCMG attend B20 Summit

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What is B20?
B20, namely Business20, is referred to as the Group of Twenty business activities, the creation in 2010, is an important supporting activities G20 summit. Its mission is issued on behalf of the business community for the G20 global growth strategy and global governance programs offer advice and suggestions to achieve a strong global economy, contribute to sustainable and balanced growth.

G20 Hangzhou summit

As an important part of the framework of the 2016 G20, B20 on September 3, in the afternoon, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Other members of the part G20 leaders attending the summit plenary session B20, and interact with business representatives, and seek common growth strategy of the world economy.
"Take out the hard power; it is leading to the B20 Summit Tickets"
B20 attending the summit were large coffee from diverse fields.
Its head of international organizations, heads of State, more business chiefs.
B20 meeting brought together more than 800 large global coffee businesses, from which more than 140 Fortune 500 companies, more than 500 companies from China 100. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese business community can be described as "the most deeply involved" in B20 this year - almost half of the summit representatives from China, five entrepreneurs were chaired five working group topics.
As China's construction machinery industry are invited to attend the summit on behalf of corporate B20, XCMG Group Chairman Wang Min said in an interview, "take out the hard power, is leading to the B20 Summit tickets."

XCMG in B20 Summit

Wang Min said, "China Construction Machinery is the world one of the most important part, but the momentum of development is also very good, we have been trying to get the share we should get in the global market, our green, environmentally friendly, high technology products introduced to users worldwide. "
Moreover, the "participation in the world of construction machinery competition, we are actively involved in many international technical standards drafting," according to Wang Min said he just on the 2nd informed XCMG have a standard to participate in the international technical standards and is eligible for release, so he is confidential in the world economy and the development of China's construction machinery.

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