XCMG attend the 4th Construction Machinery Exhibition of Morocco

Views: 3     Author: Ray     Publish Time: 2016-09-21      Origin: CHANGZHOU YAMAR KOOPE INTL CO., LTD

Recently, the 4th North Africa (Morocco) mining machinery, construction machinery and vehicle equipment exhibition was held in the beautiful coastal city in Morocco CASABLANCA. The vanguard of China's construction machinery XCMG carry cranes, loaders and mining machinery and other six categories of products participate in the exhibition.


XCMG product exhibition attracted many businessmen from China, Morocco, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Algeria, Nigeria, Sudan and Central Africa. XCMG product with a good reputation in the market WANA, directly at the show signed a purchase order and six machines, full XCMG brand in the local influence. As a leading brand in China Construction Machinery, XCMG has become synonymous with China in the local manufacture of excellent products to the world as China has played a positive role in promoting.
XCMG in the North African market a good brand reputation thanks XCMG constantly improve product quality, localized products in the local market, excellent adaptability, as well as XCMG dealers and common efforts to continuously improve service capability.
XCMG The successful exhibition, it shows once again that the pace of internationalization of XCMG has become more solid. XCMG will continue to spare no effort to practice the international strategy for the world to provide high-quality products, customers become the most trusted international brands

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