XCMG big excavator working in West Africa

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Africa is not only vast rich in mineral resources, but also has huge oil reserves. In West Africa, a country of large oil refinery, surrounded by little clump of trees of the dense tropical rain forest, dozens of large tonnage XCMG excavator digging is struggling to landfill, the construction of a channel width of 20 meters of oil. The refinery project is located in the Gulf of Guinea coast of West Africa, perennial hot, dry, dust everywhere, XCMG digging machine for the local climate characteristics of this batch of equipment has been widened track, installed by adaptive technologies desert filtration and other improvements, the equipment can meet high temperature and high dust and sandy harsh working conditions. Assigned to the site since the last three months, the batch of equipment has been continuous trouble-free work 600 hours or more, "XCMG product quality and reliable, people are at ease!" Road construction side expressed satisfaction.

XCMG big excavator in West Africa

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