XCMG complete sets of mining equipment help Chinese mining upgrading

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In recent years, the implementation of the national mineral industry to produce capacity, adjust the structure, transformation and upgrading, mining and face transformation and new life. February 5, sponsored by the China Safety Industry Association Mine Branch, Guizhou Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Shanxi Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Ordos Fujian Chamber of Commerce co-organized large-scale open-pit mine excavation equipment construction technology Summit Forum and the Spring Festival in Fujian Fuqing held in Fujian To further promote the mine safety industry top-level design, to promote mine safety industry collaborative innovation, help mine transformation and upgrading. XCMG Mining Machinery Division and nearly 200 mines from the mining and construction units attended the meeting.

Promote independent innovation, to create "leading technology, with not destroyed," the complete sets of mining machinery and equipment. Forum, from the XCMG Mining Machinery Division of the technical experts introduced the XCMG open pit mine excavation equipment technical advantages. Open-pit mine construction dust, heavy load, high strength, equipment almost all-weather operation, reliability, stability, advanced, comfort, safety requirements are extremely harsh. For a long time, domestic mining equipment has been monopolized by foreign brands, as China's mining constraints become a key factor. XCMG Group to seize this opportunity, in-depth mine research, devote themselves to design, to create a "leading technology, with no destruction," the complete set of mining machinery and equipment, products in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang open-air coal mine project construction, economic, And the construction efficiency of the mine market has been fully recognized, to enhance the capacity of China's mining equipment and level.


At the meeting, Mr. Er Quyuan, President of Ordos Fujian Chamber of Commerce, spoke highly of the development of XCMG Mining Machinery Industry. Shen pointed out that XCMG excavator and mining machinery industry to excellence, perseverance attitude, adhere to the highest standards, and constantly challenge the limit, innovative products and technology, a large excavator in China deserved technology leader and pioneer. Mine dump truck to achieve from scratch, from small to large by leaps and bounds in the world more than a number of mines to achieve a successful application, and by more and more global users of the favor and highly recognized as a mining mine in China Machine and mine dump truck the first brand. As the "power of the country," the leading enterprises, XCMG has always maintained a strong strategic strength, innovation-driven development, Yongzhuang burden, struggling to develop for the transformation and upgrading of China's construction machinery industry to set an example, is the revitalization of equipment manufacturing practice And leader.

Innovation and cooperation model, boost mine mining intelligent, security, clean, efficiency transformation. Inner Mongolia, a mining area of 3.2 square kilometers, XCMG to provide a tailored overall contracting cooperation program, so that the construction of the mining facilities from 50 groups to 30 groups, the brand, the specifications changed from large to large, Uniform, the construction team is more streamlined, but the output has increased by 50%. Unified equipment management to help out of the chaotic construction of the disorder, while reducing the cost of production also increased, which is the advantages of the overall contract mine. Forum, XCMG Mining Machinery Division sales staff introduced the complete set of sales, complete sets of leasing, project contracting, joint development of four mine construction cooperation model, is committed to providing customers with more scientific and efficient enrichment program, raised the participants of the high degree of concern And unanimously agreed.

Mineral resources are the material basis for human survival and development. Two-thirds of the world's mineral raw materials are open-air mining, China has given priority to the development of open-pit mining as a basic technical policy of mineral industry construction. At present, the domestic open-pit coal mine excavation equipment is still in the small stereotypes, low efficiency, high energy consumption, more power, low security stage. In response to the call of the mining industry to upgrade the call, XCMG to advance the concept of professional management and team, efficient and reliable construction equipment to ensure the safety and efficiency of coal production, the current number of domestic open mines to provide a complete set of service models, The mine construction team to achieve streamlining, equipment, streamlining, boost production, boosting China's mining to the intelligent, security, clean, efficiency of the transition.

As the executive director of the China Safety Industry Association Mine Branch, XCMG Group has always been committed to promoting the safety development and transformation and upgrading of China's mining industry, organized several forums, the development of the mine market, open coal mining and safety management, "Internet + Mine mining "and other aspects of in-depth study and discussion, for the industry made an important contribution to progress. The future, XCMG will further play the executive director of the unit functions to drive to create innovative high-quality mine complete sets of equipment, and actively explore the scientific and efficient construction cooperation model, boost mine mining safety, economic, scale upgrade for the industry to make progress contribution.


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